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(Insurance receipts available)

The Initial assessment is a 90 minutes 1 on 1 meeting where we will get to know you, your body, your lifestyle and your goals. We start by learning about you and your needs and we will then discuss some fundamental concepts and theory. A full body analysis will be performed to find out details about your body fat percent, glucose metabolism, cardiovascular (resting HR) and more.. We will then review everything and decide on the best strategy for optimizing your performance. You can choose to have a custom plan built by one of our performance experts We have different types of plans to choose from, each one is unique and designed to meet the needs of different types of individuals. If no plan is needed, we can simply provide advice on how to optimize your strategy, or we can calculate your calories and macros and you can track your nutrition in the Phyto APP or My Fitness Pal (This strategy is recommended for advanced users only).



($349.99$ Including initial assessment)

(Insurance receipts available)

The BASE Plan is ideal for you if you are looking for support and tools to help you improve your performance through improved structure.  It is well suited to people with variable schedules (e.g. shift workers)  who need a fair amount of flexibility in their meal plan.  It is a great solution for weight loss, but is completely customizable and can be adapted to meet various types of goals such as muscle building and improved body composition. The Base Plan provides a framework that helps you learn how to improve the nutrient composition of your meals, chose appropriate portion sizes in relation to your size, age, weight and goals, and consciously connect your food choices to your health outcomes.  Our goal is to support you and make learning, and integrating nutritional principles into your life, simple, user friendly and successful. 



($449.99 Including initial consultation)

(Insurance receipts available)


The CUSTOM PLUS is the ideal meal plan for you if you need more structure than the base Plan but less structure than the Performance Plan to meet your health goals.  We work with you to design the plan in more detail by molding the meals into your weekly schedule.  This helps you to learn when to eat what, in addition to teaching you how to eat better. Timing your meals and nutrients strategically helps your body get the most out of the nutrients which improves your energy level, your recovery and reduces food cravings. This plan includes both a custom block plan and our APP integration.


$399.99 + tx

($549.99 Including initial consultation)

(Insurance receipts available)


The Performance Plan was developed for athletes and serious fitness enthusiasts to help them maximize their energy, endurance and recovery by harnessing the power of a perfectly balanced whole food plan.  

Our experts use meticulous calculation to produce weekly meal plans completely tailored to your schedule.  We take into account food timing, varying daily energy expenditure, training type, and your specific goals.  We work with you to craft meals that ensure a balance macro and micro nutrients from whole foods, and take into consideration your likes and dislikes.  

The performance plan might also be right for you if you want a high amount of structure and support to change your lifestyle and eating habits.  The performance plan takes all of the guess work out of dieting and provides the support and tools to meet your goals and change your life. 



(749.98$ Including the initial consulation)

(Insurance receipts available)


The ELITE Plan is a our most structured and detailed plan. This plan is engineered to yield precise results and elite performance.

This plan includes calculation and balancing of macro-nutrient and micro-nutrient profiles, as well as caloric balance, a perfectly timed meal schedule and a calculated hydration schedule.

If you are are ELITE performance, this is the plan for you.

Example of a Phyto Meal! Whole foods, with balanced macro and micro nutrients deliciousness!

Example of a Phyto Meal! Whole foods, with balanced macro and micro nutrients deliciousness!



all prices are subject to change

all prices are subject to change